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Chairman of the Board

It has been almost 30 years since Alacrity for Poverty Alleviation in Bangladesh (APAB) started in 1989 when one of the deadliest cyclones in history hit Chittagong Bangladesh, leaving many orphans and refugees in need of care. This organization began when Mr. and Mrs. Ick Mo Jung and Gum Ran Park first started to help neighbors in need with serving hearts. Along with encouragement and support of corporations, organizations and supporters, APAB has been able to come this far without big difficulties. We are beyond thankful for it.

Throughout the years, we’ve built free elementary schools for children living in poor fishing villages, dormitories and schools for students in tribal villages and also provided vocational training institute to help women become self-reliant. Additionally, we are taking steps to solve the long-cherished needs of local residents by building kindergartens, elementary schools and secondary schools. We are also committed to treating and improving patients through our local hospital by providing medical care.


The organization also has been awarded the Prime Minister's Award for serving the people of Bangladesh for a long time.

This precious work needs to be continued to eradicate poverty, oppression and disease in Bangladesh. I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has supported us throughout these years and hope to see many more new fellow supporters of our work in Bangladesh.

Chairman of the Board,

Kyung Ok Lee

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