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Hope Training School

Helping women in poverty stand on their own feet financially by teaching needlework and embroidery.


_Sewing Machine Class: Morning Class_15 students, Afternoon Class_15 students (Training course: 4 Months)

_Embroidery Class: Morning Class_15 students, Afternoon Class_15 students (Training course: 4 Months)

_Staffs: 1 Supervisor, 5 Teachers, 1 Mechanic


Operating System

_Educational expenses: Free (students buy clothes themselves), for exceptionally poor students, transportation fee is given

_Work such as embroidering bags, cards, clothes, is given once a week for those who completed the course, so they may live independently  


_Rent fee, Salary, Material cost and other expenditures costs over $1000

_About $400 is donated monthly (part of the total expenses are from selling expenses) About $400 is needed more 



_Foreigner experienced in needlework/ home fashion/ embroidery 

_Goods: machine, clothes, threads, design books, car

_Finance: addition donation of about $400 is needed monthly

_Enhance self-operating ability

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