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Mirazanogor Primary School

Mirzanogor Primary School is a free school located in a poor area where family of four has to live on 100 dollars monthly. They cannot afford to send their children to public schools because it charges education fee. 

We strive to teach children basic education and ethics so they may grow into a healthy member of society. 


_Students: 125 students enrolled

_Staffs: 1 Bengali Supervisor, 4 Teachers, 1 Staff

Operating System

_Grades: Preschool, 1st-5th grade

_Classes: 9:00am-11:15am (Three classes in the morning: Preschool through 2nd grade)

                 1:20am- 3:00pm (3rd grade through 5th grade)

_School Monitoring Board: 9 school parents and 4 teachers meet each semester to discuss issues regarding school and students

_Teachers Monthly Meeting: Teachers of Bhatiari, Mirzanogor and Goramara meet monthly and discuss school matters



_$1070 needed each month for operating expenses and monthly salary

_Experienced professional educator in elementary school (volunteer for short/long term)

_Teams and volunteers willing to plan and carry out Sports Day events for the three schools

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