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January-February 2019 Hope Training Institute

We warmly convey you heartiest love and greetings from Hope Training Institute our work is going by the grace and love of God. Our joy is that through this project a good numbers of helpless ladies and gents have been being self-reliant. All things have been being possible in your prayer and supports. We are eager to inform you briefly some of the activities achieved in January and February.

New Admission Test – 58/44 – Batch

The admission test of the new candidates will be held on 02.January. 2019.

Opening Ceremony

The Executive Director (APAB) officially inaugurates the new admission test of trainees on 7th January' 2019 at 3.00 PM. In his speech he congratulates the trainees and asks to receive training properly so that they may get the employment in the competition employment market. He would do whatever needed to do for the well-being of the trainees. After opening 58/44 batch the Executive Director take part in photo session with the trainees and others.

Three Korean Team Visits to Training Institute

Three Korean team visited our training center on (10, 13, 26) February with Mrs. Jung. They were very happy to visit our training center.

Training in Morning Shift

Morning shift Training starts at 9:00AM and continued up to 12:00 (noon). 10 numbers of trainees regularly receive training.

Training in Afternoon Shift- (sewing)

Afternoon shift Training starts at 1:00pm and continued up to 4:00pm. 8 numbers of trainees regularly receive training.

Prayer Request

  1. A full time Project Director is needed in order to look after the training center.

  2. A plat of land along with a building is needed for the Institute.

  3. Pray for the more Trainees come and receive training and are self-reliant.

Thanks to be God for His Grace.


Hope Training Institute.

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