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Sunrising Jr. High School

Providing high quality secondary education opportunities for children who are alienated from the educational environment and for children who are unable to continue their education due to poverty. We hope to empower teachers and students to develop their vision and strive for bright future and become influential leaders.


_Established in 2007 with 37 Students, currently 207 students are enrolled

_Staffs: 1 Korean Project Coordinator, 13 Teachers, 1 Bengali Supervisor, 4 Staffs

Operating System


_Sunrising Jr. High is a privately operated school providing grades 6 through 10, 

  only receiving small amount of education fee

_Apart from its basic course, physical education and practical skill courses are provided

 (computer, science, field trips, etc.)

_Reinforcing public education and helping students with poor results by providing supplementary lessons with skilled teachers

_Providing high quality study environment and education

_Improving teachers' skills by providing annual seminar


_Costs $3000 each month to run the school (salary, operating expenses)

_The school fees and Kangneung Corp's donation make up 65% of the operating expenses (rest of 35% still need donation)



_Experienced librarian with knowledge on operating library is needed

_Expertise on computer, art, music, physical education is needed (volunteer for atleast 6months to a year)


*Our building can seat 250 students, but due to financial status, we can only seat 145 students

About $1000 is needed in order to accept local students into school so they may have the opportunity to study

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